Lint's Coyote Dry Lake

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25 Miles North of Barstow, CA

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Satellite Radar Image

This satellite radar image shows part of the Mojave Desert in the vicinity north and east of Barstow, California. The dark patch in the upper left is the very smooth surface of Coyote Dry Lake. The V-shaped blue area in the center of the image is the Manix Basin, which includes the bed of the Mojave River.  Two major transportation corridors mark the sides of the "V".  Major railways and interstate highways (I-15 & I-40) follow these corridors.  Sparsely vegetated areas of sand and small gravel appear blue in this image, while rocky hills and rougher gravel deposits appear mostly in shades of orange and brown.  This image was acquired by the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1994 and represents an area of approx. 30 miles by 46 miles wide.

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