Lint's Coyote Dry Lake

Movie, Video and Commercial Filming Locations

25 Miles North of Barstow, CA

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From Barstow, take I-15 north toward Las Vegas for 5 miles.   Take the Fort Irwin Road exit and turn left to cross the freeway.  Stay on Fort Irwin Road for 17.5 miles to Mother Lode Road which is between Emergency Call Boxes #5 and #6.  Turn right on Mother Lode Road and go 2.5 miles.  Veer right just before the big power lines, go past the Yesterday Nursery (on the left) and cross the Power Line Road.  Follow the road out on the lake bed.  Please DO NOT take any other roads from Fort Irwin Road to the lake bed.  Mother Lode Road is maintained better than the others.

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