Lint's Coyote Dry Lake

Movie, Video and Commercial Filming Locations

25 Miles North of Barstow, CA

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Movie, Video & Commercial Filming Locations

Lake View looking S/E

  • Private Property
  • Almost Anything Allowed
  • Other Services Available
  • 24 hours

Lego Toy Commercial.


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Coyote Dry Lake is a 30-square mile area of flat desert terrain.  It's ideal for filming movies, videos and commercials.  The dry lake is surrounded by mountains that form the 150-square mile desert landscaped Paradise Valley. 



Lint's property is the largest portion of privately owned land on the lake.  This desert setting provides several unique amenities including a canyon-like wash, several dirt roads in various locations, and a short stretch of asphalt road on the lake. 


On Location on Mars Landscape looking N/E


Barbara Krommenhoek
Cell: 760-447-3703
Home: 760-256-8030
Office: 760-256-1010


Dirt road across dry lake looking S/E


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Views around the outside of Lint's home.


Wild Desert Spring Flowers.

Wild Desert Spring Flowers.




Wild Desert Spring Flowers.


County Permit Required
 Permit Information Contact:
 Inland Empire Film Commission
Call 951-779-6700



Coytote Dry Lake (background)


Coytote Dry Lake (background)






Desert Sunrise




Desert Sunset


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